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Hello, and welcome to Small Finch Studios!

To say this is a small operation would be an understatement: my name is Manda, and I’ve been freelancing about as long as I’ve been using a computer. I started out by doing minimal data entry for friends of my parents who needed addresses put into spreadsheets and grew to doing data entry for small publishers in the roleplaying game industry. I first learned to do graphic design in MS Paint, then learned how to use Paint Shop Pro and finally conquered Photoshop. My first websites were basic HTML pixel doll galleries conceived in early versions of Dreamweaver, and these days I edit php in Notepad++. Point is, I’ve been handling web development, wordpress development, and phpbb3 forum development for a long time, and I decided it was time to put a name on it. Something I identified with that speaks to the work that I do.

I love birds, and I especially love watching them out the window while I am working on code. I also love how birds can create their home out of things they’ve found lying around outdoors: a bit of string, some dried grass, small sticks and twigs. It doesn’t always take a full scale operation to build a cozy home, just dedication and attention to detail, and that’s what I intend to provide.

While I have done work for some fairly large clients throughout the years (and am certainly open to continuing that work in the future,) my favorite projects continue to be for small businesses, bloggers, and those who might not necessarily be sure where to go next when starting up their website. Though I have a lot of experience with kicking off new projects, I understand that it can be a confusing process, so I hope that I can use my experience to help others on their way so that they can take a straw of an idea and turn it in to a sturdy nest on the web.

As far as this blog? I hope I can share with you some of my recent projects, resources for building your own online presence, and tips and tricks for maintaining your website once it’s established. Though there are certainly a myriad of reasons for hiring a professional, there’s no reason that your website should be foreign territory to you once it is set up, so I hope to help change that.

circlemandaIf you’re currently looking for someone to build your website, give you a consultation on where to go next with improving your existing site, or if you need someone to give your site copy a once over for maximum effectiveness, head on over to the Contact Page and send me a note.

I look forward to working with you!